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Why work at the SLV Behavioral Health Group?

Competitive salaries, full benefits (Health, Dental, Vision, Life, 401K match, plus much more), tuition reimbursement, supportive professional development... you name it, we probably offer it. But that's not what make SLVBHG unique. It's the people, the atmosphere, the working environment, the relationships and the community.

As the leader of behavioral health services and programs throughout the area, our organization has built a reputation of success that is more than 40 years in the making. Whether you’re interested in working with people, policies, or programs, the San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group warmly welcomes individuals with a wide variety of professional skills, interests, and experience. Our mental health and substance abuse treatment services span crisis intervention, child and family services, education and training, domestic violence and substance abuse services, veteran resources, housing services and homeless outreach initiatives, prevention programming, and more.