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Where Is The San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley (SLV) is located in South Central Colorado and spans an area roughly 8000 Square miles (approximately the size of Connecticut.) The valley is surrounded by majestic mountains preserves its historic roots as they isolate the valley from the rest of the the world. The mountain also effect the weather patterns. Sheltering the valley from much of the unwanted weather. SLV is famous for have over 350 day of sun a year.


The arrow points to Alamosa, the hub of the SLV.


Informational Videos

Football legend Terry Bradshaw showcases Alamosa in Today in America

History of San Luis Valley - a PBS special

Recreation & Outdoors

Cost of Living Calculator

We like to use the www.BestPlaces.net as a reference tool to determine the "Cost of Living Indices" for the community you would like to move into and the community you are moving from.

Step by step instructions.

  1. look up your current city on www.BestPlaces.net . Once the site has loaded with information about the city you currently live in, select "cost of living" in the menu to the right. (mobile device user: the menu is the drop down at the top of the page)
  2. In the first paragraph you will find the city's cost of living index in bold print.
  3. Copy and paste that number into the field below titled "My Current City Index."
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the city you want to move to. (If you are not sure what community you will be moving into within the SLV area use 86.7. The valley ranges from 78.6 to 94.8.)
  5. Enter your current yearly income. NOTE: this info is not saved or shared. It is only used to calculate how much you would need to make to maintain your current standard of living in the new city.

*This figure is a rough calculation and in no way represents a guarantee of a standard of living by the San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group. We recommend speaking with a financial adviser.